resistance band exercises
As with all exercises, proper form is essential. It is also important to ensure the band is held, anchored, or secured firmly throughout the exercise. There are many different ways to use resistance bands to activate the glute muscles. Here are a few of our favorite band exercises to add to your workout: Glutes Workout and Exercises for Women

Glute bridge

You should place the resistance bands around the thighs just above the knees. Then lie down on your back with bent knees and the bottoms of the feet resting on the floor. Then turn your toes and knees slightly out and press knees away from each other to create tension in the band. Then press the hips up towards the ceiling squeezing the butt at the top and then slowly lowering back into the starting position.

Donkey Kicks

The starting position begins on all fours making sure the wrists are aligned with the shoulders and the knees are aligned with the hips. Then hold or attach one end of the resistance band in front of yourself. Wrap or loop the opposite end of the band around one heel. Keeping the hips and back square flex the foot, slightly turn the toes out, and kick the heel back. Then slowly return the leg to the starting position and complete all repetitions before switching to the opposite leg.


Place the loop resistance band around your thighs just above the knees. Lay on your side with knees slightly bent. The legs should be stacked on top of one another. Then slowly separate the top knee (raising it towards the ceiling) from the bottom knee while keeping the feet together. They will slowly lower the knee back down to the starting position. Complete all repetitions on one side before switching to the other side of the body.

Lateral Walk

To begin, place the loop resistance band around your ankles. Begin in a partial squat position with the feet and knees shoulder-width apart so there is slight tension in the band. While in the partial squat position, take a step out to the side with the right foot. Focus on keeping the knees and toes pointed straight ahead. The left foot will then step to the right foot (back to the starting position). Complete repetitions going one direction and then alternating the direction so that the opposite leg becomes the leading leg.

Sumo Squat

The loop resistance band should be placed around the thighs above the knees. Create tension in the resistance band by getting into a stance slightly wider than hip-width. With the toes pointed slightly out, core engaged, and straight spine, squat down while keeping the tension in the band throughout the movement. They will press back up through their heels and squeeze your butt at the top.

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