Bench Weight Training For When Gyms Reopen in North Carolina

From what we gather, everyone is anxiously waiting to get back to gym and start strength training again. It is a big part of everyone’s workout routine and journey to muscle building. Since a weight bench is one of the most used pieces of equipment in every gym we plan on introducing you to a full body workout that you can do as soon as the gyms reopen.

Weight benches are not just for chest flyes and presses and we’re going to show you just how versatile this piece of equipment can be. After almost two months in quarantine we all need a full body workout so here are some exercises to get you sweating. Do each move and work up to repeating them a second time through.

Split Squats

With your back to the bench, rest your right foot on the bench. Maintain a 90-degree angle in your left knee. Flex your knee and hip to lower your body. Push back up with weight in your front heel. You can put your hands behind your head or lift medium weights. Perform 10-12 reps and switch sides.

Step ups

Facing the bench, place your right foot on top. Maintaining good form, push through heel and lift your left knee up. Perform 10-12 reps and switch sides.

Knees over top crunches

Lying on your back with your legs draped over the bench, perform 25 crunches. Try to keep your hips and legs from rising up. Keep your hands behind your ears.

Ins and outs

Balancing on the bench with hands resting on each side, use your core to pull your knees in and out. Maintain your posture with your back. Repeat this 25 times.

Incline push ups

Start in a plank position with your hands resting on the bench and feet on the floor. Keep elbows close to sides as you lower into push up and return to plank.  Perform 10-12 reps.


Extend legs in front of you while supporting yourself with arms on the bench. Bend elbows behind you and raise back up. Maintain back position. Perform 10-15 reps.

Pull overs

Lay on your back with knees bent and feet on bench. Hold a medium weight in each hand. Palms are pressing against the underside of the dumb bell. Keep your arms straight while slowly lower the weights in an arc behind you until you feel a stretch. Slowly reverse the move back to starting position. Repeat 10-15 reps.

Reverse flyes

Place bench in incline position and lay with chest and stomach on the bench. Start with light to medium weights in each hand hanging down on each side of you. With elbows slightly bent raise weights up and away from you in an arc motion. Maintain control as you lower your back to starting position. These are tough! Work up to 10-12 reps.

This full body weight bench workout is quite the challenge and will have you feeling it in a good way.

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