Top 5 Full Body Toning Stability Ball Exercises
Top 5 Full Body Toning Stability Ball Exercises

Whether you refer to it as an exercise ball, Swiss ball, yoga ball or a stability ball, the big round spheres are the ultimate exercise companion. In addition to being extremely lightweight, stability balls are used during physical therapy sessions and professional athlete trainings as well as regular exercise. They may be a little difficult […]

Best Warm up Exercises

If you have at least an hour in which to train, or a history of injuries that could otherwise impede your ability to train safely, your warmup should begin with foam rolling and include a wide array of dynamic exercises and static stretches. If you’ve tried a foam roller after a tough workout, you were […]

Power Up! Nutrition for active individuals

The choices you make every day about what and how much to eat are amplified when those choices directly impact your wellness, training and recovery. At Fitness NC we focus on progress, not perfection, to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Proper nutrition is essential to help our bodies reach peak performance during […]

Fitness NC reopens in North Carolina

The moment has finally arrived! After months of waiting and anticipation. Fitness NC has finally reopened its doors for its members as of June 5 in accordance with North Carolina Governor’s Executive Order. At Fitness NC, we are committed to creating a safe environment to nurture our bodies and minds and have honest conversations with […]

7 Exercises To Bust Belly Fat
7 Exercises To Bust Belly Fat

How to lose a few pounds and tone your body, here is everything you need to know about belly fat and how to burn it. Having too much fat, especially around the midsection, is an indication of poor health. It means you’re at higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease, hypertension and type-2 diabetes. Reducing abdominal […]

Park Workout
Park Workout to Get Your Sweat on Outdoors

With gyms closed throughout June, we know that motivation levels are at an all-time low. The fuel for home workouts may also be running low so we’ve got a fun way to help you stay on top of your workout schedule in the great outdoors with the sun smiling down favorably upon you. It is […]

No-Equipment Strength Training Workout
No-Equipment Strength Training Workout

This no-equipment strength training workout is perfect for current times when gyms are closed and everyone is in lockdown. It can be performed anytime, anywhere and is perfect for an at-home workout that targets the entire body. All you need is a wall and a chair, bench or low table. Workout Details Warm-up Complete 2 […]