covid-19 gym classes

We Care about your Healthy and Safety

In the midst of this heartbreaking real-time crisis, we want you to know how deeply we care about the health and safety of our staff and members. Our normal above grade cleaning process is being over seen with the upmost precaution during these unknown times.


We are still opening our doors for members to use the gym floor for individual workouts.  Group classes are now being offered virally (through our website?) with OUR instructors giving you just as must courage and motivation as if it were in person.


Our FitnessNC family knows the gym can be a place to get away, bring the feel goods, relieve tension and better yourself. We want to do everything we can to support each one of our members during this time of change.  As COVID-19 begins to have a greater impact on our communities, we too, here at FitnessNC want to have a greater impact as well.

FitnessNC is going Viral

We are looking forward to going viral with our members for group classes and continuing to support you on your daily health journey. We might be physically working out in different places, but together, we can do this! Mental strength is just as important to keep the immune system up heading to the gym. Wherever you’re heading, just make sure it’s forward and know the team at FitnessNC will spot you!

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