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How To Get The Most Out of Your Weekend Workouts

For most, the weekend means a lighter schedule to do what you want when you want. With no zoom meetings to run attend or deadlines to meet, you have more time to devote to your sweat sessions, so here are some ways to get more out of your weekend workouts.

Go long: Without having to squeeze in your workout before, during, or after your nine-to-fiver, you have more time to devote to exercising, so use your weekend to do longer workouts. If you normally workout for 30 minutes, go for 45 minutes or even 60 minutes. Or sign up for our Mixx-Fit classes.

Fill in holes: With limited availability during the week, you might only have time to do cardio and that’s it. So use your time on the weekend to devote to areas of your workout that you miss like strength training or stretching. Try our weekend warrior routine for a full-body workout.

Break away from routine: During the week, you stick to the workouts you’re used to, ones that take the least amount of prep, and the ones you know are effective. That can get super boring though, so use your weekends to ignite your passion for moving by trying something new or doing workouts that take more time.

Double up: You barely have time to fit in a 60-minute indoor cycling class during the week, so when Saturday and Sunday roll around, the extra time affords you the luxury of doubling up on classes. Burn some calories in Zumba and then tone up in a Body Pump class. Hitting two different classes in a row will allow you to work your entire body and burn more calories and can be extremely exhilarating when you’re used to only taking one.

Exercise to your workout: You drive to your workouts during the week to allow as much time for your actual workout, so on the weekends, use the extra time to burn more calories by walking, running, or biking to the gym.

Get sweaty: You may not have time to shower after your workout during the week, so on Saturdays and Sundays do as intense a workout as you can, with no worries about how stinky and sweaty you get – you’ll have a relaxing shower to look forward to afterward at the gym.

Get together: Since your friends are most likely off these two days as well, make a plan to get together with a few and work out. It’s amazing how a group can motivate you to push harder than you normally would on your own.


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