Unleash your fitness potential with Fitness NC, where your journey to wellness is seamless and comprehensive. Our commitment goes beyond the ordinary – our doors are open 24/7, 365 days a year, including weekends and holidays,  ensuring you can sculpt your best self at any time. We proudly provide a diverse array of services, from a variety of group classes to access to top-of-the-line gym equipment.



Silver Sneakers – Tivity
Prime – Tivity
Silver & Fit – ASH Fitness
Active & Fit – ASH Fitness
Renew Active – United Healthcare


After Signing up please call the desired gym location phone number or email us so we can set up a good time for you to pick up your 24/7 access key fob.


We cannot wait for you to start your fitness journey with us. Good luck, and we believe in you!

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