How to Meet Your 2020 Fitness Goals

With 2021 inching up rapidly, you may be stressed you won’t accomplish your list of fitness objectives for 2020.

The pandemic derailed many of us, but there’s still time to wrap up the year on a tall note. By re-evaluating your objectives and adjusting your way of life, you’ll set yourself up to wrap up the year on a high note.

Get into the habit

If your wellbeing and wellness schedule included getting to the gym routinely, you’ve certainly been influenced by the COVID-19 shutdown. Many people prefer gym workouts to at-home options, and lots of people count on the community at the gym for a sense of connection and mental balance.

Going back to the gym is a great way to build your healthy habits  back up again. If you haven’t been ready or are unsure, contact us to set up a personal tour to see all the measures in place to help keep you safe. One option is to book floor time during quieter hours.

If you’ve been away from the gym or are thinking about joining, then now is a good time to do it. Start building your healthy habits so that the holiday season isn’t a time of indulgence followed by guilt. Think of it as a “pre-solution” that carries you into 2021.


If you set big goals at the beginning of the year, don’t let the fear of failure slow you down.

If you have to, push the completion date of your goals into 2021. Break your big goal into smaller, more manageable ones that reflect the limits and challenges of the pandemic.

Celebrating what you’ve accomplished and being realistic about your wants and needs will help keep you motivated and working towards the end-result. Choose meaningful milestones that you can target and achieve as the year winds down.

Ask for help

If you’ve been working out as consistently as you can during these uncertain times and feel like you’re in a slump, ask for help. Share your intentions with friends and family so they can support and encourage you when you need it.

Talk to Personal Trainers or Group Fitness Instructors at the gym for guidance and suggestions to help you stay motivated and on track. 


Create a plan for what you want to achieve, how you’re going to get there and how you’ll measure your success.

Having goals and a plan to achieve them gives you direction on a daily basis. This will keep you motivated, dedicated and help you thrive.

Take a realistic approach to what you can commit to doing each day. Try to prioritize exercise, meal prep, rest and meditation (depending on what your goals are).

Be realistic and take into account the obstacles the pandemic has created.

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