How to Train Pull-Ups Effectively
Pull-ups have many benefits for your muscle growth and can help you build a V-shape upper body, make your waist look narrower, but you can barely start with just one? No worries, we are going to help you out step by step and will be able to increase your repetition from 0 to 1 in just a few days.

The Power of Pull-ups

Pull-ups are the king of movements to train your back muscles and are one of the best strength and muscle building exercises. Pull-ups can train multiple parts of muscles at a time just like other ‘compound exercises’. Doing these compound exercises is a good way to grow our large muscle group which helps increase overall exercise performance and allows us to lose weight faster. People nowadays pursue not only skinny but better body shape. Pull-ups are a good way to build a wider back, creating a V-shape look for your upper body. Pull-ups use many different muscles of the upper body, including the large back muscles (your latissimus dorsi and rhomboids), posterior deltoids and biceps. The one benefit that most people often overlook is that pull-ups can train your grip strength as well. That’s why you may see some big guys who can’t even do a single pull-up because they might have the strength, but their weak grip can’t hold their bodyweight.

How to Train Your Pull-Ups?

Step 1. Hang on the Pull-up Bar

Start at the beginning which means you need to be able to hang from a pull-up bar before you can even think about doing an actual pull-up. Grab the bar and work to the point where you can hang for 2 minutes without dropping. This will increase your grip strength and allow you to feel comfortable on the bar. If you can’t hang from the bar you can’t do pull-ups. Your goal at this level is to complete a 2-minute hold in a single set. At first, you may last only a few seconds but that’s OK. Rest for 30 seconds and try again totaling 2 minutes every workout. When you can do all 2 minutes with a single hold you’re ready for the next step.

Step 2. Hold on Your Chin-Up Position

Get a chair or even jump up to the “top” (chin-up) position on the bar and hold it for 1 minute. Do as many sets as it takes, every other day until you can hold this position for a single 1-minute set. When you reach the magic 1-minute hold, regardless of how many sets it took, on the last set only, lower yourself down as slow as you can go. Only do this for the last rep of the last set. Too many negatives can be very destructive. Once you’ve got this far, your muscles and joints are much stronger so get back on top and instead of holding it, lower yourself down only an inch or so then pull back up. Do this 20 times every day, no matter how many sets it takes, seeking to go lower and lower until you finally go so low you can actually do a pull-up. I would wish you luck but luck has nothing to do with it here. It’s all about work so if you really want to do a pull-up, get started … now.

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