Online fitness coaching isn’t a new concept but since the dawn of the global Covid-19 pandemic, it has taken on new popularity.  There is a shift in consumer attitudes and habits towards health and fitness. More people are open to the idea of remote training. Personal trainers are therefore stepping up to the challenge to meet the demands of clients. Here at Fitness NC, we are keeping up with the consumer trends to accommodate the ‘new normal’. With the pandemic still ongoing, online fitness classes are popping up everywhere. These sessions offer training in yoga, calisthenics, Pilates and much more. So, does this mean that online fitness coaching is the new norm?

Online Fitness Coaching is a New Spin on an Existing Concept

Many of us are familiar with YouTube fitness personalities who use this platform to promote their fitness programs and meal plans. Online fitness training isn’t that much different than a ‘live’ version of these pre-recorded classes, in fact, many trainers use a combination of both live and recorded sessions to share workouts with clients. But what makes virtual personal training different? It all comes down to individual attention.

Online fitness coaching is tailored and customized to provide one on one training specific to the client. When you go to gym, you are assigned to a personal trainer who does the following:

  • Evaluate your level of fitness
  • Set achievable goals and milestones
  • Coach you on the exercises you need to build strength and lose fat
  • Provide sound nutrition advice

You will experience one on one fitness training designed for your body, level of strength and skill. Many gyms and independent personal trainers are now offering these same perks on an online platform with both one-on-one private training and group sessions.

Gyms are not packed like they used to be in pre-covid days. Even though many restrictions were lifted to allow fitness buffs to return to their physical gyms (with strict protocols in place). This is a relief for regular gym goers but many still embrace the remote options. Personal trainers still need to work even during times of lockdown. Adopting the online fitness coaching has been the go-to option to keep existing clients on track with their training and usher new clients into a fitness program.

Benefits of Getting Online Fitness Coaching

Online fitness coaching is an attractive and viable option for many clients. The benefits of online training include:

Flexible schedule

Online fitness classes are a lot more flexible on time. There is no need to rush across town to meet your trainer at the gym.  Instead of braving traffic and risking exposure to the coronavirus, you can access your class at home. You can set the times most convenient to your schedule to facilitate your classes.


Online coaching sessions typically cost less than in-person sessions. This is a great option for those who don’t have a big budget. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer in a gym or studio but want to get fit and healthy. Online coaching classes also don’t require the use of any sophisticated equipment and centers around a lot of bodyweight exercises. Extra equipment is optional but not necessary. If you have a yoga mat, dumbbells or resistance bands you are free to use them to amp up the intensity. 

Expert training

Online fitness coaches are certified personal trainers (or at least they should be). Always find out prior to signing up for classes if your trainer is legit. A certified PT means you get expert advice and coaching from a trusted professional.

More communication

Because your trainer is not able to assess you in person, they will check in with you more frequently via chat or video calls. This is to ensure that you are responding well to the training, not experiencing pain or injuries and that you are sticking to your goals. It’s also motivating and drives clients to perform at their best.

Is Online Fitness Coaching for You?

There are still many sceptics out there who don’t believe that remote fitness coaching actually works. You get results when you push yourself and work hard. You can have the best trainer in the gym but still struggle to see results if you are not following the nutrition advice or sticking to your exercise plan. Online fitness coaching relies on you, the client, to put your best foot forward. If you are serious about improving your fitness and health then you are more likely to get the results you seek.

Online fitness coaching is a great option if you:

  • Work from home
  • Prefer to keep social distancing
  • Can’t afford gym membership or in-person training
  • Are new to fitness and want to start your journey discreetly
  • Live far away from the trainer
  • Have a tight work schedule and can’t find time to commute to a gym

The only obvious downside to online coaching classes is the lack of gym equipment. Unless you are aiming to be a bodybuilder or set specific personal records, you can work out without professional gym machines at your disposal. Online classes may also be tricky because your trainer has to make sure you are practicing good form without being able to assess you in person. For this reason, online coaches will evaluate your fitness level and knowledge of exercises. They use this data to build routines using simple body weight exercises. As you grow stronger, your workout will grow in intensity. Consult with Fitness NC today to explore your online training options and get fit even in the midst of a global pandemic!

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