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Fitness NC Butner Creedmoor is located off of Highway 56 making it a Superb location for all of those living in the Butner Creedmoor area. superb location for all of those living in the butt in her Creedmoor area At fitness nc all members have access to a variety of cardio equipment such as treadmills, laterals, exercise bikes, and a member’s favorite the stair climber. With two squat racks, dead lifting pads, benches, free weights, and many more accessories you also have everything you would need for strength training.


With a full set of Large mirrors along side of the wall where the free weights and squat racks are to allow you to be able to correct and watch your form as you workout. TV sets are located above the treadmills in the cardio section, also our gym offers lockers, and our bathroom have showers. At this location we offer a variety of different group exercise classes such as Zumba, Mixed Fit and more that are absolutely free to our members. When classes are not in session members are able to use the class room for working out as they please.


At Butner Creedmoor our members are not just another number, but a member of our fitness community! We do not discriminate against one another and are happy to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere. Our staff, personal trainers, and class instructors take pride in always being friendly and approachable. Our purpose at Fitness NC Butner Creedmoor is in unison of providing a safe, comfortable, energizing, and positive atmosphere where you can be successful in your fitness journey!

Fitness Class Schedule

  • Monday: 6pm Mixxed fit-with Dawn
  • Tuesday: Gutz& Buttz -Bootcamp with Salonia
  • Wednesday: Hip Hop Step -Step Aerobics with Salonia
  • Thursday: Zumba 6-7 with Salonia 
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