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Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Personal Trainer and Nutritionist

Train with the best experts in bodybuilding field. Your results will speak to themselves. Try latest exercising trends, innovative and special Training plans.


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Get in the BEST SHAPE of your life with Fitness Bootcamp Programs & Personal Training team!

Personal training is often offered when first signing up, but most people don’t quite understand it’s purpose or importance and usually pass on an excellent opportunity. Don’t be disappointed though because personal training can be added at any point during your membership and is generally priced by sessions.

Taking a closer look at personal training and the people behind it we learn that there is so much more to a personal trainer than just simply coming up with workouts for clients. A personal trainer is your own personal coach, mentor, nutritionists, sometimes drill sargent and even friend depending on their approach. They are extremely knowledgeable with varying certifications, specialized to help their clients reach their fitness goals no matter what they may be.

Weight loss, strength training, body building, training for a marathon, sports event, working with people with physical disabilities and injuries is just a few of the things they specialize at. Each personal trainer is different, from personality to skill set, there is truly a personal trainer for everyone! Customizing tailored workouts to target your specific goals with their advanced knowledge in fitness you are assured to get the results you’ve been desperately trying to achieve!

Some personal trainers will also add in nutrition, providing you with a meal plan to stick to going beyond the gym and into your daily life. With the added punch of nutrition and meal plans this is one move that is a total game changer and may help curb unhealthy eating habits even after your sessions are over.

With the help of a personal trainer you will also learn the correct form of each  workout so that you avoid injury and help target the specific areas you are working out. Most people who are working out incorrectly don’t even know that they are, putting more wear and tear on their body, risking injury, and not achieving the desired results. This can lead to giving up on a fitness journey, but given the proper knowledge this can be avoided!

No matter your skill level whether you’re a beginner walking into the gym for the first time or a seasoned gym goer personal training is something everyone should try with the ability to start at any level of fitness!  Personal trainers have a true love and passion for fitness and people. Whether it’s weight loss, or training for a sports event the one thing personal trainers have in common with one another is helping you achieve your fitness goals!

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Nutrition as we all know is essential to weight loss. Do you know exactly how essential? 80% nutrition and 20% exercise to be exact! This is why it is so important to make sure you are not only eating the right foods but the right portions of each to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

Nutrition is very broad and can be intimidating, or some may become bored do to their lack of knowledge causing them to eat the same bland meals over and over losing interest rapidly. All of this can lead to the end of a health and fitness journey, but don’t be discouraged we are here to help! It does NOT have to be this way! Along side of our Nutritionists and health coaches you will surely succeed!

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring! With our amazingly talented Nutritionists you won’t have to eat the same boring bland meals any longer, we are here to spice up your meal prep! It’s time to get excited about eating healthy again! The food we intake has a major effect on our body, so it’s important to cut the crap such as processed foods and sugar. 

Each of our body requirements can wildly be different yet exactly the same in terms of nutrition, weight loss, and weight management. Genetics play a major role in this. Our eating habits can trigger underlying diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. By eating the appropriate foods in the right amounts you can also ward off these generic diseases. Cancer is another disease you can combat or even avoid, whether it’s genetic or not.

The proper nutrition has been proven to help ward off cancer and even help fight it. Eating the wrong foods however can feed these diseases, making them much worse or even bring them to the surface. If you have any genetic diseases you are aware of or simply want to find out if you have a family history of any, our health coaches also specialize in genetic testing and can help build you a meal plan especially for you, and tailored to your needs!