Sticking to a Fitness New Years resolution has been proven to be a challenge for most of those who make them. According to a recent study conducted online by Harris Interactive on behalf of, 73% of people had given up before achieving their fitness resolution. Those making Fitness their resolution go into it with all intentions of seeing them through, so this has us asking why is such a large percentage of people failing to meet their goals? What can we do to help improve this statistic and improve the success rate of resolutionsers?

We came up with 5 tips we think can really help turn this things around for our new found fitness pals:

  1. Make A Plan:
    Setting out on a new fitness journey this is the first thing you need to do in order to be successful. By forming a plan before you begin you will be able to prevent yourself from under or over training your body. By under training you will not be obtaining results but over training can be just as harmful by causing you to burnout. Burnout happens when you over work your body which isn’t only just unhealthy, it also leads to people giving up their goals prematurely. Moderation is key when making your fitness plan, make sure you fit in rest days, appropriately time your cardio sessions, and rotate muscle training.
  2. Start with small obtainable goals:
    Results do not happen over night no matter how intensely you train. It can be easy to get discouraged when you’re not seeing the results right away prompting most to give up, but its important to remember these tings take time. Making weekly goals that are more obtainable and easily accomplished build confidence that keeps us moving forward.
  3. Track your progress:
    You see yourself every day in the mirror making it hard to notice any small physical changes of your body. Take before pictures, and proceed to take pictures monthly so you can compare them along your fitness journey. This provides the motivation and creates the drive you need to keep moving forward thus reaching and retaining your fitness goal.
  4. Make Fitness one of your top priorities:
    Its much easier to make excuses to avoid working out but making excuses is only setting you back, the more you make the more workouts missed, leading progress to be lost. By making fitness your priority your holding yourself accountable making the chances of your success much greater. Its important to set aside a time for you to workout, with 24 hours in a day a recommended 30 minute workout is only 2% of your day. According to its recommended to ease into your new workout routine by working out 3 times a week building up to 4-5 times.
  5. Stay positive and motivated:
    Over time it can be easy to lose motivation so it is important to find ways to keep motivated and pushing forward. Create for yourself a reward system, whether it be a cheat meal, or maybe a new pair of gym shoes, anything that keeps you motivated and reaching for more. Working out with a friend and having that person helps motivate you not only enhances your chances for success but adds some fun to your fitness routine. Remember the reason you made Fitness your New Years Resolution and hold onto it throughout your fitness journey for motivation.
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